Developing our Facilities

The Bible Society in Israel is continually producing and printing new materials for the peoples in Israel.  In the past couple of years we have produced a Hebrew - Arabic Bible, a Hebrew - Russian Bible, a new version of a Hebrew - English Bible (NASB), and we are awaiting the delivery of a new Hebrew - French Bible.  These are just a few of the resources that we have produced in the past couple of years and with production comes the obligation of proper storage and distribution.

The Bible Society in Israel has a few different storage facilities including our inhouse storage facilities in Jerusalem.  In order to maximize our current storage facilitiy in Jerusalem we decided to create more space by building proper shelving.  This was an enormous task that took painstaking coordination and a workforce to match the job at hand.  Thankfully, we had a group that  contacted us about volunteering and we accepted their offer.  

The project of building proper shelving units required a great amount of preparation that began with emptying out the storage area, cleaning the area, and paiting the ceiling and walls.  Our team of volunteers jumped right in and started the long process of removing all of the boxes that were in the storage area.  The also did a great job of making the walls and ceilings as white and bright as possible with a fresh coat of paint.  

Once the area was properly prepared we had a professional metal working company design and build the shelving. The shelving needed to be custom built since there was already an existing base which was set on the floor in the center and next to the walls.  To add to the complexity, the walls were not exactly straight and the ceiling was dome-shaped so the shelving against the wall had to be custom fit section by section.  Thankfully, we had an excellent team of professional workers who met the challenges straight on and were able to build shelving that fit our area.    

With the new shelving in place our team of volunteers, along side of our Bible Society Staff, began the process of returning all of the boxes to their proper place and utilizing the new shelving which enables us to store and access our materials more easily.  We are grateful for the team of volunteers that helped us to complete this project in a timely manner.  To partner with us regarding our storage units please click here: Bible Society Storage Facilities.