June 1st 2010 - Bibles for Hospital

Not far from our headquarters in Jerusalem, there is a hospital for people with terminal illnesses. These are the cases that remind us how weak we are and how much we depend on the grace of God. We went to visit the manager of the hospice in order to offer and provide beautiful Hebrew and Arabic complete Bibles. We were encouraged and surprised when the manager was receptive and asked us to provide 20 Hebrew Bibles and 10 Arabic Bibles.

She said that she would put them in the library of the hospice that is being used both by the patients and their families. However, when seeing the Bibles, she told us: "I must let you know to beware that some of the Bibles might be stolen as we do not conduct documentation and follow up after the books in the library. It is totally open to the patients, their families and the staff". She was surprised when we answered, "That is great!"

She also told us that there are many cases in which patients cannot read. We told her that we will pray and try to help with audio scriptures as well.

Please pray that the Lord will use His Word to touch the hearts and do miracles in the lives of the people who will read and listen to them.