Men's Conf FA


Fifty men came together at a campsite in the North of Israel answering an invitation to unite together as men who believe in Almighty God, remember the call of Gideon, and pray for one another. This event took place at the traditional site, Harod’s Spring, where Gideon and his men camped before they fought and defeated the Midianites (Judges 7:1).

Men came from all over Israel; Be’er Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Haifa, and even from Acco.  The diversity of men was a good representation of the believing male population in Israel.

As the men arrived at the camp site they began to build their tents and get settled in.  By 7pm all the men were present and the conference began with worship led by a young brother from the congregation Tents of Mercy. Following the worship time David Shishkaf shared from the Word of God about the story of Gideon (Judges 6&7) and challenged the men present to pray and ask God to lead them. One after another men stood up and prayed, many pleading with God to guide and lead them to do great things in His name.

That same evening they shared a meal together, got to know one another better, and then prepared for the trek up to the top of the mountain.  Following in Gideon’s footsteps they prepared torches and clay pots accompanied by shofars.  They arrived at a certain high spot on the mountain overlooking the very same valley where the Midianites were arrayed in their camps.  All the men took up their shofars and blew them long and hard followed by a war cry, “For the Lord and for Yeshua.”  The blowing of shofars, singing of songs, and offering up of prayers rose up over the next several minutes.  The men then returned to camp and slept under the star-filled sky.



The following morning after breakfast the men gathered again to worship and share any insights regarding the night before.  Many men shared from their hearts about the way that God spoke to them personally.  David then challenged the men to gather into groups of about 6 men and to have each man share an area in his life that he needs victory from the Lord.  They gathered into groups, shared their area of greatest concern, and spent time listening to one another and praying for one another.

A Bible Society representative attended this conference and had the privilege of standing before all of those present in order to explain the work of the Bible Society in Israel.  He also took the opportunity to offer various outreach resources to the men from the Bible Society.  Approximately 500 Hebrew New Testaments were given to the men to use when sharing the Gospel as well as hundreds of other booklets including: “When Shall the Messiah Come?” and “The Life of Yeshua.”  The men took these resources to give out to friends and coworkers.  Others who are involved in fulltime ministry took greater quantities to distribute to their communities as needed.  All the men were grateful for these resources and were anxious to get them into the hands of those who need to know the One and Only Messiah of Israel.

May the Jewish believers in Yeshua today continue to rise up and do great things in the name of the Holy One of Israel.