The New BSI Website

The New BSI Website

The Bible Society in Israel is constantly working on projects and products to be a blessing to the people in Israel and around the world, especially as it connects to the Hebrew language.  To properly communicate with all of our friends both in Israel and around the world we have recently launched a new website as our old website was constantly open to hacker attacks and viruses.  The new website includes a beautiful new homepage, a user-friendly page describing all of our major projects, and a new and improved online store.

The new website has been significantly improved to communicate, serve and engage everyone who visits our site, including content, security, and user interface.  Below are some of the new features that you will find on our website.

Under the heading of “What We Do” we have provided a very easy to read “projects list” where we give information about the top projects that we are currently working on.  Each project is also linked to our donations page for anyone interested in contributing to any specific project.  If you have some time, check out our projects today and learn about how we are investing our energies here in Israel.

One the best features on our new website is the online store.  It is still in process as we are updating pictures and adding new products, however, our online store is very user-friendly and provides our customers with a showroom for the various products that the Bible Society in Israel has produced.  The homepage of the online store is complete with a moving slideshow of some or our most popular products and a sampling of products from various categories.  I would like to invite you to take a look at our new website today and see if you can find anything interesting from our online store.  Click the online store tab above to visit the online store or simply click here.

The Torah Portion or “Parashat HaShavua” is something that existed on our former website but was not active on our homepage. Now, you can easily go to our homepage and read a commentary on the Torah portion of the week and learn how Yeshua can be identified in most of the Torah portions.  Click on the Torah Portion box on the homepage to access this.

Another feature is a daily devotional called My Brother’s Keeper.  My Brother’s Keeper is a daily devotional that consists of articles by both Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians.  Together it is a labor of love that will be sure to encourage your own daily walk with the Lord as well as equip you to pray for the unity of believers in the Land. While it is an option to read online, you may also purchase a copy from our online store.

 As always, we would like to hear from you, our friends and partners from around the world.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for our website please contact us today at