Resourcing the local Body

Providing the body of Messiah with scriptural needs for its growth

Throughout the years, the Bible Society in Israel has played a key role in the production and provision of Hebrew scriptures as well as scripture-based study and outreach materials. Most prominent among these, of course, has been the translation of the New Testament into modern Hebrew. This was followed by additional productions such as the Annotated New Testamnent, New Testament Concordance, and the Peshitta. However, as the body of Messiah grows, there is also a growing need for further materials.

The first ever full cross reference Bible in Hebrew - HAS NOW ARRIVED

The body of Hebrew-speaking believers in Israel has been growing rapidly over the past generation. More people now read and study the full Bible in Hebrew than ever before in history. However, this growing body of believers lacks some of the fundamental tools for Bible study. The most basic of these missing tools is now finally available -  a set of references in the margin pointing to similar passages elsewhere in the Bible. This tool is especially important  in order to provide the people of Israel with the possibility to learn and better understand the Bible through the Bible itself ("through its own words").

In addition to over 90,000 cross-references, it also contains other features that together make it not only an excellent scripture study tool, but also especially effective for outreach.

It is the optimal tool to learn and see how the New Testament is rooted in the Old Testament as well as fulfilling and illuminating its Messianic prophecies and promises. Among its additional features are:

- Messianic Prophecies enhanced

- Proposed process for Scriptures study

- Yearly reading plan

- Plan of salvation in Old Testament with fulfillment in New Testament

- Rabbinical references to Old Testament messianic prophecies

- Index of topics

- Bible time line

- 12 colored maps

This project started in the beginning of 2008, and required a thorough process. First of all, there are many places where the verse numbers are different in Hebrew. This is especially obvious in the book of Psalms (in over sixty psalms), but it happens in almost one hundred chapters in the rest of the Bible too. If you look closely at cross references in two translations even in the same language, you will find many places where the references are different. This is because references often depend on the wording of the translation.

When we looked for references within the Hebrew Bible, of course, there are special considerations. For example, a significant phrase in Hebrew may appear in several places but it has been translated differently in your translation in the various places. It could make a good cross reference in Hebrew but not in the translation. There are not really any shortcuts. Other reference Bibles can be used to help and speed up the process, of course, but each reference had to be looked up to see if it is appropriate for our Hebrew readers. This was a painstaking process, but it could not and should not be avoided.

Our heart’s desire and prayer is that the Lord will use this tool to deepen the knowlege of His word among the Hebrew-speaking believers and also lift the veil from the eyes of many non-believers so they may see Him and His salvation through Christ

As part of our distribution strategy, we are seeking for congregations or individuals abroad who are willing to adopt an Israeli congregation or individual and help provide them with this Bible. Every gift of $18 will supply one Bible.

The majority of Israeli congregations number between 30-80 people. For a donation of $900, a church can adopt a local congregation of 50 people and bless each member with this unique Bible that will be a tool to deepen their knowledge and study of God’s Word, and further their outreach to others. We will also be glad to connect the giving congregations with the recipient Israeli congregations for prayer support and mutual encouragement.

  • Adopting an Israeli congregation or individual - please specify "cross reference distribution" with your donation
  • Adopt a library - help us distribute it for free to Israeli libraries throughout the country - please specify "cross reference library" with your donation
  • Produce it on CDs and make it available on this web page as an interactive study tool - please specify "cross reference on CD-Rom" with your donation

Producing and providing scripture-based outreach materials

We continually strive to produce and provide scripture-based outreach materials that are relevant and applicable to the different populations and audiences that we reach out to and to the reality in which we serve.

This challenges us to produce a wide variety of scripture-based materials to deepen and extend the growth of the body of the Messiah. This includes scriptures in Hebrew as well as in many other languages.

  • For every $2.50 that you donate, we commit to distribute a free copy of the Hebrew New Testament. Please specify "Hebrew NT distribution" with your donation.
  • For every $1 that you donate, we commit to distribute a free copy of a Hebrew gospel or other Bible portion. Please specify "Hebrew gospels distribution."

Following are some examples. Click on the pictures for more information. You can also purchase your own copies.

Hebrew-Arabic diglot Bibles

How powerful it is when an Arab Israeli can share the Word of God with a Jewish Hebrew speaker straight from his own personal Bible, and vice versa. How powerful it is when a perceived enemy comes with a message of love and reconciliation.


The purpose of this project is not only to provide thousands of both Arabic and Hebrew speakers with a Bible in both languages but also to equip the body and enable believers from both sides to interact and reach out to each other's people.


We also believe that this will be a tool to strengthen and encourage unity among both populations, something that is so needed and so powerful. "... that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that you have sent me." (John 17:21)

Hebrew-Russian Diglot Bibles

Since 1990, more than a million Jews have immigrated from the former Soviet Union to Israel. For many of them Russian is still their preferred language. In addition to that, biblical Hebrew is much harder to understand even for Israelis, let alone for immigrants.


Many of the Russian immigrant believers have assimilated into the local Hebrew-speaking congregations, where the service and messages are in Hebrew. They may understand modern Hebrew well enough to follow the service, but not enough to follow Bible text reading and references.


The purpose of this project is to help the population of Russian immigrants to better interact and better understand the Word of God, while still encouraging and supporting the development of their Hebrew.

We would like to subsidize and in some cases also to give this Bible for free to Russian speakers with financial difficulties. You can help us with this.

Join us  in sowing. Donate towards the future production of this Bible

Please specify "Hebrew-Russian."

The Divinity of the Messiah

Time and again it has been a theme of discussions among Jews as well as Gentiles - Is the Messiah divine? This issue is particularly important in order to explain the messianic faith in a Jewish context in which the oneness of God is a main principle of faith.


In this booklet (originally written by Harald Folsch), the claims of Jesus of Nazareth are examined in light of the Old Testament prophecies. The booklet also includes many references to these prophecies from rabbinical writings.


Our prayer is that this booklet will support a biblical understanding of this important topic.


Join us  in sowing. Donate towards free distributionFor every $2 that you donate, we commit to distribute two free copies. Please specify "Divinity of the Messiah distribution."

Purchase your own copy

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The Messianic Psalms

In this edition of Psalms the many messianic prophecies are marked in red. It is amazing to see how many bold prophecies about the Messiah are in the book of Psalms. Together with the fact that this is the most beloved book among the Jews, this creates an opportunity to open their eyes to the Messiah this book speaks about.
We made this edition in Russian too, since we there are so many Russian speaking Jews in Israel today, and we do not want the language to be a barrier.

For every $2 that you donate, we commit to distribute two free copies in Hebrew, or for every $5 that you donate, we commit to distribute two free copies in Russian. Please specify "Messianic Psalm distribution" and state language Hebrew or Russian.

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Security in the Promises

This is the Epistle to the Hebrews in Hebrew for the Hebrews! On its 60 pages, this little booklet contains the full Epistle to the Hebrews as well as a comprehensive and detailed explanation of prophecies of the Messiah in the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament. Each section runs for about 30 pages. The illustration on the cover was made by a talented Bible Society employee.

Will you join us in giving out the Epistle to the Hebrews in Hebrew - to the Hebrews?

For every $2 that you donate, we commit to distribute two free copies. Please specify "Hebrews distribution"

The Heart of the King

This is a small booklet that explains God's plan of salvation as revealed in the Tenakh (Old Testament). It covers many messianic prophecies of the Old Testament and shows that at the heart of God's Word - the Heart of the King - is the promise of the Messiah. The first 16 pages explain the basics - the depravity of man and God's way of redeeming us from our sins through the Messiah. It reaches the conclusion that only Yeshua fulfills all the requirements of the Messiah, while all the time using verses from the Old Testament for support. Pages 17-51 cover over 60 different topics concerning the Messiah, with prophecies from the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament. Pages 52-56 present passages from Isaiah 40, 52, 53 and 54 with explanations of the ancient Hebrew words that are difficult for the Modern Hebrew reader.

Will you join us in giving out the Heart of the King?

For every $2.50 that you donate, we commit to distribute two free copies. Please specify "Heart of the King distribution"