Creating and Distributing Resources in the Land

Creating and Distributing Resources in the Land - The local body of believers is always in need of new outreach materials. To help meet this need we at the Bible Society are constantly producing new outreach tools and materials that explain the message of the Word of God and our faith in the Messiah to the various peoples in Israel. Consider donating to this project today. 

Dear friends and partners in ministry, we recently received a letter updating us with how our distribution of the Scriptures is impacting others.  We wanted to share this note with you since the thanks should also go to you for standing with us and supporting our ministry.  Here is an excerpt from the letter: “…your generosity (in providing Scriptures) have impacted several lives, two of which have now read the entire Word of God in Hebrew (Old and New Testaments) and have become believers in the last six months.”