By Grace I Stand – Music – CD


2 במלאי

“By Grace I Stand” expresses great gratitude and joy…

2 במלאי

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When gentiles first witnessed the works of Jesus, they gave glory to the God of Israel. Throughout history, songs and music have helped believers from all nations to express their worship in the living God.

This album is a compilation of songs recorded by musicians connected to the Norwegian youth movement return2sender. We have been richly blessed with wonderful musicians over the last years, many of whom have been part of andserved in Messianic congregations in Israel. Most of the songs were written or translated by members or former members of the worship team in Beit Eliahu congregation in Haifa.

“By Grace I Stand” expresses great gratitude and joy. By God’s grace we’ve been grafted in, and have found common ground with God’s chosen people. Grace is something we really can’t get enough of. We’re saved by grace, great grace is upon us, and every function of the kingdom of God on earth today is carried out through acts of grace.

We hope you will enjoy the music.

Language: Hebrew/English

Song List:

  1. There Is None Like You, God!
  2. The Name Yeshua
  3. Your Blood Was Shed
  4. None Is Like You, Jesus
  5. The Lord Is My Strength
  6. I Lift My Eyes
  7. For God So Loved
  8. You Are the King of the Universe
  9. All the Nations
  10. Lullaby
  11. By Grace I Stand

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