Delitzsch Hebrew Full Bible


המלאי אזל

Delitzsch Hebrew Full Bible- Leather with Zipper

תנ”ך וברית חדשה בתרגום פרופסור פרנץ דליטש, בכריכת עור עם רוכסן

המלאי אזל


In this Bible, the Old Testament is the original masoratic Hebrew text, while the New Testament is the well-known translation of Prof. Franz Delitzsch.  Delitzsch wanted this translation to render according to the Hebrew which might have been spoken at Jesus’ time. This translation has many words which are found in the Mishnah and other post-biblical documents. In fact, his translation of Romans alone contains over 100 words which are not found in the Old Testament. Delitzsch wanted to take advantage of the latest advances in textual criticism in his translation.

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מידות 18.5 × 25 × 4 cm

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