Septuaginta (Greek Edition) Hardcover – May 11, 2007


8 במלאי

Septuaginta (Greek Edition) Hardcover – May 11, 2007

8 במלאי


The text is based on Codices Vaticanus, Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus, with variants noted in the critical apparatus.This edition includes English, German, Latin and Modern Greek introductions, History of the Septuagint Text and Explanation of Symbols.Significance of the Septuagint (LXX): The Septuagint is the most ancient translation of the Old Testament and consequently is invaluable to critics for understanding and correcting the Masoretic Text. The Septuagint was indispensable to the Early Church, serving as its “Bible.” New Testament authors and Church Fathers would quote from the Septuagint when quoting the Old Testament. Knowledge of the Septuagint lends to a better understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The Septuagint served as the basis for the ancient Latin translations, that is. The Septuagint was important to Jews before the time of Christ—it helped Diaspora Jews who did not speak Hebrew still remain faithful to their religion, as well as allowing Gentiles to study Judaism. The Septuagint was important to early Christians—it helped inform their Messianic view of Christ and shaped the theology of the early Church. The Septuagint was important to the Catholic Church as it was the basis for the Old Latin Vulgate editions.

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