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Let the Children come to me

There is a significant and continuous growth of the Local body of believers in Israel, and this growth is mainly of young people and families with children. In addition, the local body of Hebrew speaking believers in Israel is a relatively new body and therefore, the amount of existing Messianic Hebrew resources are very limited, and specially for children. There is a need to continue and build the body with more Messianic resources for children. This is even more important here in Israel as the local community of believers is a small minority and the children are the most vulnerable group that feel this pressure (at school, among friends and in the general society).

There is a real need to protect, strengthen, build and encourage the identity and faith of the children and families in the Messiah of Israel. This is the reason of the need for developing new resources and proactively distribute them among the children of the local body.

Under this project we will develop and distribute 3 Hebrew Children Books.  The first one is about FORGIVENESS! The two other books are classic and special Christian books for children – both by Patricia St. John. One is “Treasures of the Snow” – a classic story of love and forgiveness, and the other is “The Victor”.

We believe that these 3 books will be a significant resource in the hands of the Lord to touch, build, strengthen and shape the spiritual lives of children also in Israel.

The topic of forgiveness is a core topic of the Gospel and thus a tool to teach children about the Works of Yeshua HaMashiach for each one of them individually and to all of us. However, learning and being able to forgive, yourself and others, already from a young age, is also key and an ever growing necessity of our modern society and especially in areas of constant conflict and pressures – such as Israel (but not only) – in order to support spiritual and mental healing, conducting healthy spiritual lives, society and reconciliation.

In addition, cases of children abuse and exposure to the adult world are growing in our modern and digital world. It is attributed to the easy access that children have to the internet and also to the overall growing feeling of loneliness among people.

Under this project:

  1. We will develop a children book about FORGIVENESS (starting in Hebrew and English). It is aimed to children in the ages of 5 to 9.
  2. The book will include a short guide to parents on how to guide children through a process of forgiveness.
  3. We will also translate, print and distribute the two above mentioned classic books by Patricia St. John to children and families.
  4. We will distribute and provide these books, along with additional materials, to children – through local churches and organizations and in the overall society through outreach.
  5. We will also provide the following children materials:
    1. Illustrated Hebrew New Testament
    2. Treasure of Bible Stories.
    3. The Donkey and the Prophet – (Balak and Balaam story).
    4. Bible stories.

The capacity in terms of quantity of books that will be distributed, teaching events etc, will depend on financial resources available. Upon conducting of the program, we will evaluate the success and consider the translation of the book into Arabic and possibly other languages.

Childhood and young age is a crucial learning and development time in the life of any person. This project will support strengthening the Messianic/Christian identity of the children of Jewish and Hebrew speaking believing families and will also support ministering and distributing the Word of God to non-believing families with young children who are interested.

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Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matt. 19:14)