• The beautiful Jerusalem Illustrated Bible is a large family Bible, with parallel Hebrew and English. This Bible will stay with your family for generations. The Jerusalem Illustrated Bible captures the heart of the Holy Land with beautiful illustrations by Elhanan ben-Avraham, a Jewish artist living in Israel. Gather your family as you read the Word of God and watch the stories come to life.  The Jerusalem Illustrated Bible Contains:
    • Beautiful Illustrations by Elhanan ben-Avraham, a Jewish artist living in Israel.
    • A modern English translation that is well respected among Bible scholars, the NASB.
    • Restoration of original names and meanings.
  • The Jerusalem Nano Bible has aspent hte last several years developing the World's smallest Bible tht is a nano lithographed or imprinted in full onto one 5mm x 5mm silicon surface.
  • The manual edition of hte Septuagint by ALfred Rahlofs has been the standard critical editon of the ancient Greek translation of hte Old Testament for many decades. Now is is available in this 2nd resvised edition, edited by Robert Hanhart.
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