Deep Calls To Deep – music – CD


6 במלאי

a new Middle-Eastern soaking and worship CD from Israel.

6 במלאי

מק"ט: ISR416CD-DCTD קטגוריה:


Enjoy our new Middle-Eastern soaking and worship CD from Israel. Take a journey into that deep place of worship and be blessed by the sounds of the harp, flutes, violin, cello, saz, setar, tar, harmonica and of course piano, guitar, bass, drums and rich vocal harmonies. The idea behind this music was to create a work of art that would allow the listener to worship, soak and meditate in the presence and on the beauty and goodness of G-d. The songs are mostly in English but also in Hebrew and even one verse in German.

Song List:

  1. Cleft of the Rock
  2. L-rd G-d Alighty
  3. Deep Calls to Deep
  4. Sha’arei Tzion
  5. More and More Like You
  6. Achat Sha’alti
  7. Yet Will I Rejoice
  8. One Question
  9. We’ll Flourish Here
  10. Ata Nehadar
  11. In These Last Days


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