The Carta Jerusalem Atlas – Book – Hardback


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history, geography and archaeology of the Holy City…

4 במלאי

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Required reading in universities and colleges worldwide, The Carta Jerusalem Atlas remains the premier atlas for the study of history, geography and archaeology of the Holy City. Extensive research into Jerusalem’s history has flourished over the past two decades. The ongoing archaeological excavations carried out in the city and its environs have resulted in new and amazing discoveries, giving us a deeper understanding of the city’s past.


Enlarged for easier reading, thoroughly revised and updated to record the latest findings, and expanded to provide the best possible overview of this most fascinating and fought-over ground in human history.


Special features:

20 full-page maps

250 plans, reconstructions, drawings and photographs

Authoritative information

Detailed map of Old City of Jerusalem today


Fully indexed


Author: Dan Bahat

Hardcover Version

Total pages: 165


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