The truth about ADHD – Daniel Berger the 2nd – Paperback


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If you sincerely want to know the Truth about ADHD, this is the book for you.

3 במלאי

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The number of children being labelled as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and stigmatized as abnormal continues to grow rapidly. Controversy and misunderstanding surround the topic of ADHD, and yet despite technological advances, leading clinicians continue to lack valid answers to remedy the mindsets and behaviors known as ADHD. No one on any side of the issue denies that children are struggling and misbehaving, but how those behaviors are perceived, interpreted, and addressed are regularly disagreed upon. Still, the fact that children are clearly misbehaving, disrupting class, struggling in relationships, and not performing in school as hoped for has led society in general to believe the idea that ADHD is a genuine medical condition. But as the reader will learn through objective evidence and thorough research, ADHD is a social construct (an attempt to explain the seemingly otherwise unexplainable) and not a biological disorder, syndrome, or disease. Making such a claim and proving it, however, are two different things. In his book, Dr. Daniel R. Berger II walks parents and educators through every facet of the ADHD construct and brings them to a proven way to properly view their children, interpret their behavior, and apply the only reliable solution. Some of the important topics the book discusses are underlying presuppositions and philosophies, false claims that are commonly believed, specific behaviors in question, tried and true solutions to resolve the child’s foundational problems, important distinctions between the construct of ADHD and Autism, and the history of the label—how children’s ordinary immaturity has been transformed into a medical disorder. Additionally, subjects such as neuroimaging and the theory of drug action for psychoactive substances are examined. If you sincerely want to know the Truth about ADHD, this is the book for you.

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