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“Sing to the Lord a new song; Sing to the Lord, all the earth.” Psalms 96:1

Engagement with the Word of God through Songs and Music

Producing musical accompaniment for Hebrew worship songs freely available online to promote and provide infrastructures for engagement with the word of God through music.

As part of this project, we will produce the musical accompaniment (background), melody, and vocal of the 100 most popular Hebrew Messianic worship songs.

Along with the musical accompaniment of each song we will provide the Hebrew lyrics as well as translitteration of the lyrics into the Latin alphabeth.

The user will be able to choose to use the accompaniment only, or add the melody and vocal, depending on whether they already know the song or wish to learn it.

The local body of Messianic believers in Israel is blessed with hundreds of beautiful songs that are based on Scriptures. These songs are authentic, composed by local believers, and very much appreciated in Israel and around the world. The lyrics of many of them are direct quotes from the Bible – often from our NT translation.

Some of these songs, are even sung by non-believers as well. This resource can also be used as an excellent tool to share the beautiful message of the scriptures, as many of the songs speak about God’s grace, salvation, love, comfort, etc.

Young people, but not only them, love to sing, and for many young believers these songs are an integral part of their life.

  1. As part of this project we will produce the musical background accompaniment and the melody of a variety of Messianic Hebrew songs. We will add the words of the songs, and in this way allow young people to sing these songs. It will also serve small groups of believers, home groups, and different spontaneous gatherings, when musical instruments are not available. In these cases this will provide a possibility to have a musical background available for worship. It will also be used individually by people who want to praise the Lord.
  2. Many Christians around the world love the Messianic Hebrew songs. Many of them would appreciate such a tool that will help them to know exactly how to sing these songs, and provide them with a musical accompaniment for singing themselves, or with a group. There are many groups around the world who gather to pray for Israel and would appreciate such a tool.
  3. This resource will also greatly benefit the Bible Society, as it will be an excellent and effective platform to engage and communicate with the young generation and the local body in Israel, as well as with many Christians around the world who care for Israel and are potential partners of the Bible Society. We will therefore promote our homepage, our online shop, and our scriptures website through this platform.
  4. If it will be possible, we will create a link between each song and the relevant scripture passages in the Bible on our scripture website platform

We are thankful to the Lord for making this project possible, and we ask you to pray for all the people involved in this important project.

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