Make a difference

The Bible Society in Israel is dedicated to providing the Word of God in the languages of the people residing in the State of Israel. Most of the projects that we undertake are in conjunction with partners from around the world. We rely on these donations from partners to produce the highest quality products for the people that we serve.

Consider giving a general donation to the Bible Society in Israel today or choose from one of our many projects. All designated funds will be used for the specified project. In the event of excess funds to a specific project we will reallocate funds to a project which is similar in nature.

Pray for Israel

Partnerships and Prayer Points:

We seek the Lord day after day, year after year, to send laborers who can partner with us in this great work of publishing and distributing his Word throughout his land for a harvest. We invite you to join us!

We are seeking prayer partners throughout the world for 24 hour prayer coverage. Your investment of five minutes of prayer each day, week, or month will empower and strengthen the work and workers who are sowing, watering, and nurturing the seeds God planted in this land so long ago.

“I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence, And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” Isaiah 62:6-7

Prayer Points:

  • for God to draw those to our Bible Society who are hungering and searching for meaning and answers in their lives that can be found only in his Word.

  • for our outreach ministry that many people will not only receive the scriptures but they will read them and come to saving knowledge of our Lord.

  • for the recordings of the Hebrew Old Testament, that we will get the funds needed to complete the project, and that everything will go well, and that the Lord may be glorified.

  • for the protection of our Bible Society and staff from persecution and harm.

  • for open doors and for greater interest in our Bible Exhibition and Media Center, and for opportunities to share with students, classes, and schools the origins of the Bible.

  • that many people will be drawn to our bookstore where they can find salvation through the truths found in the Word of God.

  • for our outreach ministry to the large population of Sudanese refugees in Israel.

  • that the Lord will provide the resources to produce more audio and video materials in Hebrew.

  • that the Lord move on the hearts of many people to support several printing projects we are hoping to complete soon.

  • for doors of opportunity to open to share the gospel with those visiting us in our bookstores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

  • for creativity and new insight in how we can achieve a wider distribution of the Word of God in Israel.

  • that the Lord pour his richest blessings upon all of our contributors who faithfully support us.

Distribute Literature

The local body of believers is always in need of new outreach materials. To help meet this need we at the Bible Society in Israel are constantly producing new outreach tools and materials that explain the message of the Word of God and our faith in the Messiah to the various peoples in Israel.
If you have the opportunity to distribute literature in Hebrew we invite you to browse our resources on our online store. Another opportunity is to get involved directly with one of our current projects. For more information, visit our projects page.

Volunteer at the Bible Society

The Bible Society in Israel operates with a very minimal staff to cut down on overhead expenses. We often have requests from individuals and groups to volunteer with our staff and help in anyway possible. This is a great blessing as it meets a very practical need.
Volunteering at the Bible Society in Israel consists of any variety of tasks; from shelving books to assisting in reorganizing a warehouse to painting.
If you or a group would be interested in volunteering, either short of longterm, please email our office for more details: info@bsisrael.com