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A set of six large, color maps, covering the whole Bible epoch of Jerusalem…

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A set of six large, color maps, covering the whole Bible epoch of Jerusalem. Specially designed as a teacher’s aid, ideal for use in school, Sunday school, Bible class, Bible college or seminary. Large and clearly presented, no need for special equipment or lighting. An economical and attractive way of bringing biblical Jerusalem to life. Suitable for adults or children.



Maps included:

1. The topography of Jerusalem

2. Jerusalem in the First Temple Period

3. Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period

4. Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah

5. Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem

6. The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD


Dimensions maps: 70 X 100 cm; 28 X 40 inches


Set also includes The Atlas of Biblical Jerusalemcovering the history from Solomon’s Temple to the Temple in the time of Christ. This concise atlas by the celebrated archaeologist Dan Bahat illustrates the colorful history of the Holy City through maps, illustrations and photographs.


Paperback Version

Total pages: 48 including maps, plans, illustrations and photographs

Dimensions atlas: 22.5 X 29.5 cm; 9 X 11, 3/4 inches 48 pages

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Dimensions 100 × 70 cm


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