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this CD is focused on the importance of Jerusalem and Israel in the last days.

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“He Will Appear”, an anointed collection of Messianic worship songs, is focused on the importance of Jerusalem and Israel in the last days. Although the opening song “We Will Enter” and “It Is My Wish” are spirited and up-tempo, the other songs are more reflective, with lyrics primarily based on prophetic scriptures (Isaiah, Amos, Hosea, and Revelations).

“Walls of Jerusalem” and “We Will Enter” are directly connected with Jerusalem, while “Look Into”, “Comfort Ye” and “It Is My Wish” reflect repentance, Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice, and our prayers that all Jewish people will come to recognize their true salvation. Hyde presents her version of the Second Coming in songs like “When He Brings Us Home”, the title song “He Will Appear” and “Yeshua Will Arise”. The final track, “144,000” (“How Lovely on the Mountains”) ties it all together. This is Hyde’s most beautiful song to date and it goes straight to your heart.

Song List:

  1. We Will Enter
  2. Look Into
  3. Comfort Ye
  4. When He Brings Us Home
  5. It Is My Wish
  6. He Will Appear
  7. Sing Ye Praise
  8. My G-d and Savior
  9. Walls of Jerusalem
  10. Yeshua Will Arise
  11. 144,000


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