The Mini-Psalms are one of our most popular souvenirs.  The Hebrew is page by page along side the English.  Whether you are learning Hebrew or just would like to see the Hebrew Scriptures next to the English, you will not be disappointed with the Mini-Psalms.  This book contains the entire book of Psalms in both English and Hebrew.

The Mini-Psalms series is a great memory from Israel and makes fora an excellent gift for others.

Title: ספר תהלים The Book of Psalms Hebrew- Diglot, [Translation by Isaac Leeser]

Date: © 2006. (Psalms first published Philadelphia, PA 5614/1853)

Publisher: Tel- Aviv (Israel): “SINAI“ Publishing

Contents: Psalms 1-150, prayers before saying Tehillim

Comments:  Masorah on the right and English translation on the facing page. Psalm headings translated, verses numbered.

The Hebrew title reads:  Book of Psalms. The book is divided into five book (parts) with seven sections for the weekday portions & the new moon apportionments with the latest improvements according to the Masorah.

Length: 296 pp.