• In this intriguing and biblically sound study, Dr. Richard Booker takes you on a revelatory journey through the Bible showing you how the ancient Biblical feasts are relevant for your spiritual growth today. From the birth found in Passover and the Crucifixion, all the way to entering God's rest found in the feast of tabernacles and the Second coming, you will discover how the Seven Biblical Feasts powerful impact your faith in this journey with the Lord.
  • Key Chains- Assortment

    Fun and Colorful Key Chains that will remind you of your trip to Israel or any planned trip to The Holy Land.
  • This Calendar includes:
    • Major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays with extensive explanation, plus major U.S. holidays
    • Scriptures in English and Hebrew
    • Dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems
    • Sabbath beginning and ending times
    • Weekly Torah, Haftarah and suggested New Testament portions, plus Holiday readings
    • NEW - Sabbath and Holiday Readings (which are noted on the calendar dates) are also listed in a removable chart format, good for inserting in one's Bible
    • NEW - Messianic prophecies from the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) and their fulfillment in the New Testament
    • GORGEOUS photos, frameable
    • Hebrew Learning Materials
    • NEW - A selection of suggested Traditional and Messianic Holiday and other Blessings, in English and Hebrew
    • Other special features
    • Made in Israel
  • an original collection of worship songs, half in Hebrew and half in English...
  • The new scripture only devotional in Hebrew produced by The Bible Society in Israel comes to help in our hectic schedules to better our relationship with God for the morning and the Evning. A Wonderful tool with different verses from the old and new testament related to each topic of each day. A gift for yourself or for your hebrew speaking friends. Also a special gift for those who are seeking but would not take a bible. We hope this to be a blessing for you!
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