• The Bible your child was waiting for! The newest release from the Bible Society in Israel is a colorful high quality edited children's bible with beautiful artwork and bible stories written in a poetical way in hebrew. Children will learn the word of God in a clear and fun way with this amazing piece of art! Be the first one to spread this good news with this special release offer! Inside you will find: 40 favorite stories from the scriptures and at the end of each story you will have the reference to the bible verses from which it was taken. Pages: 80 Binding: Hard Cover
  • The new scripture only devotional in Hebrew produced by The Bible Society in Israel comes to help in our hectic schedules to better our relationship with God for the morning and the Evning. A Wonderful tool with different verses from the old and new testament related to each topic of each day. A gift for yourself or for your hebrew speaking friends. Also a special gift for those who are seeking but would not take a bible. We hope this to be a blessing for you!
  • The Bible everyone was waiting for is finally out! The Hebrew-Spanish Bible with the Masoretic Old Testament in Hebrew, Modern Hebrew New Testament and the loved spanish version Reina Valera 1960 Side by side text for easy comparision and understanding. Torah with the weekly Rabinical reading the Parashat HaShavua. La Biblia que todos esperaban llego! Biblia en Hebreo y Español lado a lado para mejor estudio y entendimiento.Compre hoy esta joya y disfrute del texto original de la palabra de Dios y la amada traduccion Reina Valera 1960!! Incluye tambien la lectura semanal de la Tora la PARASHAT HASHAVUA
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