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Jerusalem Illustrated Family Bible

One of the most important events in recent history is the return of the Jews to Israel and the beginning of the spiritual restoration of the Jewish people.

For the first time since the time of Yeshua – 2000 years ago – There is now a growing body of Jews who believe in Yeshua.

In addition, unlike some years ago, today there are full families of Jews who follow Yeshua as their Messiah. There are Jewish believing families who are second and third generation believers!

In order to encourage and strengthen these families and in order to further promote the natural connection between Biblical Jewish identity and faith in Yeshua as the Messiah, we would like to produce the Jerusalem Illustrated Family Bible.

This FULL Hebrew and English Bible will include more than 250 beautiful and professionally done authentic illustrations that will engage children as well as  families with the beautiful Word of God. It will demonstrate and promote the Jewish roots of the Word of God as well as strengthen and celebrate the natural connection that exist between the Word of God and the Jewish people and land of Israel.

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