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Annotated Hebrew Bible

Did you know that most Israelis, modern Hebrew speakers, do NOT understand much of their own Hebrew Bible? It may come as a surprise to you but this is the truth!

The reason is that ALL Hebrew Bibles use the almost 3000 years old Biblical Hebrew text for the Old Testament. The Biblical Hebrew is an archaic form of the Hebrew language. Many words in the Biblical Hebrew are not used in Modern Hebrew or some are used in the Modern Hebrew but with a different meaning. In addition, in many cases the grammar of Biblical Hebrew is different than the modern Hebrew, making it hard to be understood. Therefore, Hebrew Bibles are not at all easily accessible and understood for most if not all Israelis.

To solve this problem, for the last few years, the Bible Society in Israel, worked to produce the Full Annotated Hebrew Bible!

This full Bible, with both Old and New Testaments, will have the meaning of all the difficult words and sentences explained at the bottom of each page. This Bible is a milestone in enabling understanding of the Word of God to today’s Hebrew speakers, and we pray that this production will play a major role in the salvation of the people of Israel.

In this project, we are currently at the layout and proof reading phase prior printing.

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