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My Brother’s Keeper – Daily Devotions

My Brother’s Keeper – Daily Devotions in the Faith that Unites Us.

“Acknowledge that the Lord is God. He made us, and we belong to Him, we are His people…” (Psalm 100:3)

The devotional readings in this book were written by about forty believers in Jesus. Most of the writers are Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, and Palestinian Arabs. A few are expatriates who belong to Arabic-speaking or Hebrew-speaking congregations. All are believers in Jesus. While there are obvious differences in culture – differences that are sometimes expressed in the devotions – it is exciting to see how united these believers are in their faith in one Lord, Jesus the Son of God.

The body of believers in Jesus in the land of the Bible is statistically a small minority of the population. Some might say that it is an insignificant minority, but they would be wrong. The church of Jesus Christ, those whom God has called out to be his own, stands in the place of highest significance and strategic importance. While Jesus prayed that his church might be one, many forces are at work to make divisions in what God intended to be a united witness to the truth of Jesus. Politics, ethnic identities, and doctrinal and cultural differences are all distracting the body from the importance of the unity in Christ. We are still oftentimes pulled far too easily into views of the world and its conflicts which leave Jesus out of the picture. The book’s name, My Brother’s Keeper, declares that we are brothers and sisters first of all. Before we are Israelis or Palestinians, Arabs or Jews, we are redeemed children of God with one Father and one Lord, sharing one main reason for being here on this earth and in this land. We desire that this book be a tool used by our Lord to unify the body of Christ here in the Holy Land.

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