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Hebrew-Arabic Diglot Bible

We serve in a land that suffers continuous conflict and tension between Jews and Arabs, a place that needs much healing, prayer for grace and God’s revelation upon the people.

As we’d like to be a blessing among all of the people where we minister, and since we believe in the transforming power of the Word of God, we’ve produced a complete Bible in side-by-side Hebrew and Arabic. In this unique edition we’ve included three customised indexes. One is a Hebrew and Arabic alphabet-table, for those who may need help with the other language. The second index is an article about the reliability of the scriptures, a topic very relevant for reaching out to both Jews and Muslims. The third index is titled “What does the Bible say (about)”, which includes scriptures on specific topics that are helpful for building a community of reconciliation. Topics include loving your enemies, forgiveness, prejudice, fear, and more. We pray that it will be a testimony to the teaching of our Lord to love our neighbor, and also prove useful as a cross-cultural outreach tool.

We’re delighted to see how the Lord is already using it to touch hearts of Jews and Arabs and believe that you’ll be encouraged, as we are, with the following story:

An American couple was very interested in the Hebrew-Arabic Bible. The man knew a little of both languages and thought it would be a good outreach tool. They took the Bible with them to a nearby park and returned later, very excited, to tell us this story: “We started talking to an Arab man but my Arabic was not good enough, so I started speaking Hebrew but my Hebrew was not good enough either! I felt that the man was interested in what I had to say so I shouted out, ‘Does anyone here speak Arabic and English or Hebrew and English?’ A young Jewish man came up to me and said, ‘I know Hebrew, Arabic and English, and I can help you.’ So I opened my Hebrew-Arabic Bible and started witnessing to the Arab man when suddenly I noticed that I was also witnessing to the Jewish man at the same time. It was so good to see how hungry both men were for what I was sharing, and to see both the Arab and the Jew going through the Bible with me. Thank you for this Bible. It is a very powerful tool.”

We pray it will be useful in bringing Arabs and Jews together and that people from both sides will see that the only way to true peace is through personally receiving Jesus as their Messiah.

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