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Hebrew-Russian Diglot Bible

What a joy it is to see people’s enthusiastic response as we distribute our new Hebrew-Russian diglot Bibles to individuals and congregations around the country!

Israel’s population of approximately eight million includes 1.4 million Russian immigrants and their children. Many of them are members of the body of Christ. To help them assimilate and integrate with the local, Hebrew-speaking body, to support their scripture needs and to support cross-cultural outreach, we have published this much-needed Bible which we believe will be a significant tool for the building and growth of the local body of Christ. We are grateful to our friends and partners who made it possible not only to produce this Bible, but also to bless the local Russian-speaking believers with more than 1000 free copies. We trust the Lord to continue this work and bless many with this Bible.

The Russian translation is in today’s spoken Russian, and was translated from the original Hebrew and Greek. When this Contemporary Russian Translation was released in Russia it quickly became the most popular Bible available there. The Hebrew includes the Masoretic text and the New Testament in Modern Hebrew.

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