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Water from the Rock (Weekly Torah Portion)

God’s plan of salvation in the weekly Torah portions.

The Tanakh (the Old Testament) is rich with the treasures of the truths about the Messiah and of God’s plan of salvation. After Yeshua was risen from the dead, he explained to two of his disciples all that was written concerning him in the Tanakh (Luke 24:27).  Most Jews see faith in Jesus as being in opposition to the Jewish people. When they think of Jesus, they think of the crusades and the persecution that were done in the name of Yeshua throughout history. They are blind to the truth that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel prophesied of in the Tanakh. Thus, showing the Messianic message in the Tanakh is a vital element in reaching out to the Jews.

Each week all over Israel, a specific portion from the first five books of Moses (known as the ‘weekly Torah Portion’ or ‘Parashat Hashavua’ in Hebrew) is read in the synagogues and local communities. This book goes over every one of the weekly Torah portions, revealing the Messianic content that is found in each.

Our desire is to help people from a Jewish background to find the Messiah, and understand God’s plan of salvation through the Hebrew scriptures. We desire that they will see that Yeshua came not to found a new religion, but to fulfill the promises of God which were revealed through Moses and all the prophets.

We also want to equip the local communities with a resource that will help them share the Gospel in an authentic way with Jews in general, and specifically with Orthodox Jews. This teaching is also an important part in equipping Messianic Jews, especially the youth, with apologetic knowledge to defend their faith in the environment that they live here in Israel.

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